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Fillings are used to fill a cavity in a tooth that has decayed or has been damaged. They are designed to prevent further decay or damage and restore the tooth’s function and shape.

What happens during treatment?

  • The area around the tooth is numbed with a local anaesthetic so that you do not feel anything.
  • Any bacteria and debris (decay) is removed and the cavity is cleaned.
  • Material used for the filling is prepared and then moulded into the cavity.
  • Your dentist will check that your bite feels comfortable.

What are the different types of filling?

Whilst silver amalgam fillings are available, at Cheltenham & Cotswold Dental we solely use tooth coloured white fillings. There have been concerns around the use of amalgam in children and pregnant women so on a health perspective we feel this position is very important.

We use the very best composite materials for white fillings to ensure we can re-create an aesthetic restoration at the front of the mouth with cosmetic bonding and an alternative composite white filling at the back of the mouth focussing on strength and durability. We use the very best materials with the latest techniques to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

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